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    About Jingmei

    Shandong Jingmei security equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the development, design and manufacture of steel mesh protective fence, pc/ acrylic protective fence, aluminum profile protective fence, high-speed roller shutter door, arc welding workstation, safety light curtain and safety protective fence of automation and robot production line, automobile production line, and provides customers with overall safety protection solutions and high-quality services.

    Jingmei security provides you with a comprehensive one-stop security protection solution

    There are three main business categories: 1. The overall scheme integrating the design, manufacturing and construction of safety protection products. The main products are: safety fence, safety high-speed roller shutter door, arc welding workstation. 2. Design and production of safety sign scheme: it is used in engineering machinery, woodworking carving, CNC machine tools and other industries to help enterprises successfully pass CE certification and safety assessment certification. 3. Safety consulting services: reliability consulting services and unique safety consulting services. Safety machinery evaluation provides customers with overall safety protection solutions and high-quality services. In the process of high-speed and advanced robots and automated production, the level of safety protection is getting higher and higher. Jingmei company focuses on the research and development, design and manufacture of high-standard safety protection solutions for mass and large-scale manufacturing. It mainly meets three major fields: robot and automatic production lines, machine tool and machining equipment safety protection production lines, warehousing, logistics, transportation and other personal safety and property protection.

    The scope of application includes: automobile manufacturing industry; Robot intelligent automation industry; Machine tool and production line industry; Warehousing and logistics industry; Casting, electrical and other industries; Woodworking machinery and paper industry; Building materials industry; Metallurgical industry and other industries.

    No matter what your security needs, we can create professional solutions for you. Our system has multiple security levels and is applicable to all application fields.

    Shandong Jingmei safety fence has a sales network all over the country and is exported to many countries and regions in Europe and the United States. Jingmei safety fence is widely used in many famous enterprise projects, such as FANUC, Sany Heavy Industry, BYD, Chery, China heavy truck, Weichai Power, Beijing Benz, Shanghai abb, SAIC Hongyan, China Automotive Engineering, etc.

    Shandong Jingmei security always adheres to “people-oriented, safe production, quality first; based on a new starting point, create new brilliance, and strive to become the application leader of the security protection industry for life.

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