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    Salt spray test

    鹽 霧 檢 測 按 ISO9227 進 行鹽霧試驗,通過抽樣檢 測,符合標準

    Salt spray test is carried out according to ISO9227. Through sampling test, it meets the standard.

    2、沖擊測試Impact test

    按 照 IS014120-2015 機 械安全標準進行測試,能 夠承受高能量沖擊

    Testing according to ISO1 41 20-201 5 Mechanical Safety Standard, able t o withstand high energy impact.

    3、強度測試 Strength test

    焊 接 強 度 高 于 GB/ T2694.1- 2011 隔離柵焊 接點拉力標準,最小破壞 力大于 1000N

    The welding strength is higher than GB/T2694.1- 2011 Standard for Tensile Force of Welding Points of Isolation Grids, and the minimum destruc tiv e f o r c e is g r e at e r t ha n 1000N.


    4、噴塑層厚度測試 Spray thickness test

    涂 塑 層 厚 度 符 合 GB/ T2694. 伐 0" 隔離柵涂 塑 層厚度標準,通過厚度 儀 進行抽樣

    涂 塑 層 按 照 標 準 GB/ T9286T998 規 定 的 方 法 進行劃格實驗檢測

    T he th i c k n e ss o f t he p l a s t i c - c o a t e d l a y e r conforms to the standard of GB/T2694.1-2011 for t h e t hi c k ne s s o f t h e plastic-coated layer of the isolation barrier, and is sampled and detected by a thickness meter.

    The plastic-coated layer shall be subjec t ed t o scribing test according to the method specified in the standard GB/T9286- 1998.








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